Wiltshire dating

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Wiltshire dating

Amanda Clarke, co-director of the Archaeology Field School, said: “This incredible discovery of one of the UK’s first monuments offers a rare glimpse into this important period in history.

We are setting foot inside a significant building that has lain forgotten and hidden for thousands of years.” An Open Day will be held at Marden henge on Saturday 15 July to allow members of the public to see the excavation happening live, as the team searches for human remains and other artefacts.

A spokesperson for the show said: “Eight couples who have come to a crossroads in their relationship head to a Mexican tropical paradise to see if their relationship is make or break.

“On entry to the resort, all our couples’ relationships will be put “on a break”, with everyone dating each other as they swap partners every 48 hours.

Eight couples on the verge of breaking up forever, were put on a paradise island ready to test their relationships to the extreme by making sure they really are dating 'the one'.

Ms Darby and her boyfriend Connor Swift, who have been together for three years an now live in Farnborough, are one of eight couples taking part in the dating show.

That's why it's such a vibrant senior dating scene.The monument, which predates nearby Marden Henge by over 1,000 years, may contain human remains buried there in around 3,600 BC.The monument was first spotted by aerial photography and followed up by geophysical survey imagery.This analysis will provide crucial evidence for the people and society in Britain during this remote period.In addition to the Cat’s Brain long barrow site, the University of Reading’s Archaeology Field School is working at Marden henge, the largest henge in the country, built around 2,400 BC, also within the Vale of Pewsey.

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Dr Jim Leary, Director of the Archaeology Field School, said: “Opportunities to fully investigate long barrows are virtually unknown in recent times, and this represents a fantastic chance to carefully excavate one using the very latest techniques and technology.