Consolidating multiple itunes libraries

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Consolidating multiple itunes libraries

You should only copy or backup content that you legally own in line with our Terms and Conditions. Ensure that i Tunes is closed and your devices are disconnected.To merge content of your i Pods or i Phones follow these simple steps. Download Touch Copy and install it on your computer. Then start Touch Copy and connect your first i Pod or i Phone.

I updated the older library by firing up a Windows 7 virtual machine (I use Virtual Box, which is awesome - but you could just as well use any other Mac or PC separate from your main machine), installing i Tunes 10 and replacing the default library with a copy of my old library files.Click each of these tabs to enable or disable syncing of the relating media(2), as well as checking other syncing settings.Once happy with all sync settings, hit Sync(3) to sync!I wanted to merge the two in such a way that all the meta-data (play counts, ratings, playlists etc) would be preserved - combined into one definitive library on my Mac Book that I could sync to both i Pod and i Phone.I didn’t have constant access to the old PC - only a copy of my i Tunes library and music files on a USB disk.

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To put it in a word, with i Music, i'm sure you'll get the music you like.

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